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Monday, 10/4/10. I had a very busy and fun day today. Breakfast was a torta with vegetables which is like an egg omelet. Then I headed over to my Spanish class. This instructor is so good and I am learning a lot. I asked her where I could get just a sandwich and she said next door, but all they made was cheese sandwiches. So I walked down to the marina and got a deli sandwich with French fries (splurge @ $5). Stopped and bought a washcloth and a couple of hooks on suckers to put on my bathroom tile. Total cost? $.75.

Came back to my room, balanced my checkbook (isn’t the internet wonderful?) and took a nap.

Andy, my son, finally got my cousin Karen set up on Skype so she called me and we had a long and fun talk.

Judy and Kurt came by at 6:00 to pick me and Susie up for dinner. We went to the BBQ place for ribs (pork in case you’re wondering). This isn’t typical BBQ, this is more of a soy sauce marinade but they were juicy and tender and tasted wonderful. Dinner also came with fried banana chips and salsa, new potatoes, corn and salad. $5.50. Tom, part of another couple, is from Texas, so he loves this place. In spite of all that I am eating, I believe I am losing weight from all the walking I'm doing.

I am figuring out that everything here is about one half of the cost of things in the United States. The only things I have heard that are more expensive are things you would buy in the US that they have to import, such as brands of mouthwash and contact cleaner. Other than that, everything from rent to food is cheaper. It is so much cheaper to eat out than to cook and the only time I eat in is when I have a taste for something I can’t readily get in a restaurant here. So far, that hasn’t been much.

After dinner, we went to the marina for a nightcap and just sat near the ocean and talked. Got back around 10:30. I have learned how to download TV shows, so I watched a Rizzoli & Isles episode and it relaxed me enough so that I could go to sleep. Not much planned for tomorrow as I only have Spanish class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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SO glad you wrote that you are better! I was worried when I didn't hear for a couple days! I was going to try and find the name of the hostal and write to the owner to find out how you were. You know me - a worrier! Anyway, it's so good to know that your are better. It sounds like you have met some nice friends, that's wonderful. I love hearing about every little detail. xo

by sherry

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