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Tuesday, 10/12/10 – Wednesday, 10/13/10. Tuesday was a day of catching up with emails, etc. after being gone for the weekend. And also, catching up with my new friends. I ate breakfast and went in search of the famous empanadas made by my Spanish instructor’s mother. She gets up a 4:00 am everyday, grounds the yucca into flour, makes the pastry, cooks the beef and stuffs and fries the empanadas. She makes about 200 per day and they are always a sellout so I was worried I wouldn’t get there in time. But I was in luck and bought 4 for lunch then headed off to Kurt and Judy’s apartment.

After lunch, I came back to my room and started researching other countries as I have decided to move on the first of November. I’m looking at moving to the North. For those of you who, like me, have forgotten their high school geography, the next country north of Ecuador is Columbia, then Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, with other countries I’ve forgotten in there and finally Mexico. At first I thought I would just move up to Costa Rica but then realized I would miss out on the beauty of the countries in between. So, I will probably head up to Columbia first. It is not dangerous in spite of all we have heard and it is rumored that Bogota is absolutely gorgeous. Haven’t done enough research yet and I have time, so things may change.

Wednesday I had a telephone interview with Peace Corps Mexico. Wish me luck because this would be a dream assignment in high tech close to my Texas home. The interview went well and the people were nice and said they thought I was a perfect fit. It’s interesting to note that most of the US Peace Corps volunteers are in their 20’s and most of Peace Corps Mexico volunteers are over 50. So maybe I will benefit from reverse age discrimination. Woohoo!

I have Spanish class this afternoon and I am looking forward to it as it has been about 7 days since a lesson an I’m getting rusty already!


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How much does the lady sell her empanada's for?
Do you think that you could get the recipe?

by Miz Helen

Well, things just sound so wonderful!! I guess you certainly made the right decision, what an adventure. I so look forward to reading about your adventures. Good luck with your next choice! How is that grandson of yours? You must miss him. Do you see him on Skype? Heading to the lake this week-end with 9 "ladies". I hope to at least kayak on the water. later, girlfriend

by sherry

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