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September 2010

Travel from Guayaquil to Bahia de Caraquez

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Tuesday, 9/28/10. I arrived in Guayaquil about 10:30 last night. The airport was new and very well designed. I made my way thru customs with no problem and the hotel had sent a driver to pick me up. Good thing, as I didn’t want to mess around at that time of night. The place that I stayed at was Casa de Romero. It was a clean and updated facility that was surrounded by old and dilapidated buildings in the center of town. I had a lovely room with private bath and AC and had no trouble falling asleep. The next morning, Helen, the proprietor, fixed me breakfast and a pot of my own decaf coffee. Ecuadorians apparently do not know what café sin caffeine is so I am glad I brought mine. She also called a taxi for me to take me to the bus terminal. I had a bit of a scare when the taxi driver appeared not to know where he was taking me, but he called his dispatcher who told him where I was going. So far, I have encountered very few who speak English, which was sort of a shock to me as I have travelled quite a bit to other countries and never had a problem communicating.

I think I made the taxi driver’s day. Because he hauled my suitcases into the terminal, got me to the right bus company and explained to the ticket guy where I was headed, then walked me to the correct spot where the bus would come in, I was very grateful. When he told me my cab fare was $5, I gave him $10 and told him to keep the change. Cabs are so cheap here. In Dallas, I don’t think you can go across the street for $5 in a cab.

Shortly, the bus rolled in, they packed my suitcases in the luggage compartment and headed off toward my destination. I was sitting near four women and they were all curious about me. Did I mention there are hardly any blondes here? I stand out as an obvious foreigner and everyone wants to talk to you. Anyway, there was one lady who has been living in New York and spoke a little English so she translated for me. Curiosity abated, they all fell asleep. I was fascinated by the countryside which was dotted with tiny little houses. I don’t think they were bigger than 500 square feet and probably a lot of them were much smaller. In about an hour, the novelty wore off as the scenery was pretty much consistent, so I fell asleep too. We stopped in two cities along the way. I got off at one to grab some cookies (I was starving) and the bus almost left without me. It was a six hour ride to Bahia and I was glad to get off the bus by then.

When we arrived in Bahia, one of the passengers spoke English and knew my hostess very well so he told the taxi driver where to take me. Total fare? $2. I checked in, walked a block to a restaurant, had a quick meal of shrimp and salad ($5) and came back and went to bed. A very tiring day.

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Off to Ecuador

Monday, 9/27/10. I awoke very early this morning. I’m excited about the trip. I have a few last minute things to attend to, like a few loads of laundry. I tried to log onto the computer, but apparently my wireless service had already put me on vacation. After several phone calls from friends wishing me a good trip, I finished getting ready. Having checked with the airline, I knew my baggage allowance was two 50 lb. bags. So after completing the packing (and I do mean packed), I weighed my suitcases. Woohoo! 48.8 on one and 49.2 on the other. I do have two allowed carryons and they are packed tight also. Even though I have 100+ lbs. of stuff, I feel like I am taking only the bare essentials. I just hope I can haul it all!

Next door neighbor, David, offered to take me to the airport. At the agreed time, he backed his car up in the driveway and we loaded up the bags. I hope I didn’t give him a hernia. I arrived at the airport 2 hours ahead of my flight time. I ate lunch as I didn’t know when I was going to eat again. Then I spent the rest of the wait on the phone.

I flew American Airlines on my frequent flyer points and both the flight from Dallas to Miami and from Miami to Guayaquil was on time and uneventful.

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Sunday-Taking Pics and getting them on the blog

The suitcases are bulging, the house is clean, and the extra “stuff” is in storage. I think I’m ready to go. I’m breaking down the computer today because I will only be taking the laptop, the webcam, and my microphone.

I was talking to some friends yesterday about loading pictures onto my computer. I have always taken the memory card out and put it in the slot on my printer. Since I won’t have my printer, I was wondering how I was going to do that. One of the guys said that there should be a cable that runs directly from my camera charger to a USB port on my computer. I checked and sure enough there is a slot on my charger for one of those cables. I know that cable is well stored away so I will have to purchase a new one but that can wait until I get there.

I am looking forward to being able to post pictures on my blog. One more techie thing I will have to learn about! But I don’t imagine it will be that hard. So, as soon as I arrive, getting the cable will be my first course of action. I want all of you to be able to see this beautiful country too!

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Moving to Ecuador is a Big Step

Feelings and Emotions

I’m feeling a little nervous today. I guess the reality is hitting me that I only have one more day before I leave. What will I encounter? Am I doing the right thing? Am I out of my mind?

I just have to trust that everything is going to be alright because there really isn’t any turning back now. I just want you all to know that moving to a foreign country alone for three months has an emotional commitment attached to it.

I am looking forward to this next stage in my life. After all, I love travelling and I love the beach, so what more could I ask for? Plus, I am doing what I feel is the right thing to do to secure my future.

So, ok Jan, buck up and move on. It’s going to be great. You are very fortunate to be able to do this and on top of it all, you get to share this adventure with others.

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Saying Goodbye

Lunches and Dinners and more

This has been a week of good bye lunches and dinners with friends and family. Last week I bought a webcam and am so excited about being able to talk to others “face to face” on Skype. I’ll probably see more of them than I did living here. It was easy and quick to install which, for this technologically challenged person, I was very grateful for. Now, if you call me, don’t expect makeup and perfect hair. I plan to practice “minimalist” living. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Skype, you do not need a webcam in order to make calls-only if you want to do video calls. Skype to Skype calls are free worldwide. When you sign up, you can find me via my email address or name. I also plan to purchase a Skype plan whereby I can make calls to mobile phones and landlines anywhere in the world. It is ridiculously cheap! As much as I complain about technology getting ahead of me, I am very grateful for Skype! More dinners tonight and this weekend. Hope I get my packing done!

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