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Saying Goodbye

Lunches and Dinners and more

This has been a week of good bye lunches and dinners with friends and family. Last week I bought a webcam and am so excited about being able to talk to others “face to face” on Skype. I’ll probably see more of them than I did living here. It was easy and quick to install which, for this technologically challenged person, I was very grateful for. Now, if you call me, don’t expect makeup and perfect hair. I plan to practice “minimalist” living. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Skype, you do not need a webcam in order to make calls-only if you want to do video calls. Skype to Skype calls are free worldwide. When you sign up, you can find me via my email address or name. I also plan to purchase a Skype plan whereby I can make calls to mobile phones and landlines anywhere in the world. It is ridiculously cheap! As much as I complain about technology getting ahead of me, I am very grateful for Skype! More dinners tonight and this weekend. Hope I get my packing done!

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Moving Preparations

Culling the clothes!

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9/20/10. I call this moving because I will not be returning to CeCe’s house when I come back. I thought that because most of my possessions were in storage, sorting thru my take and leave items would be a piece of cake and require one trip to the storage unit. Wrong! I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had accumulated in the house. I also needed to decide which suitcases I was going to take with me as I would have to pack for three months, but I would be schlepping them thru airports and bus terminals so they had to be manageable. I have a big old suitcase that I lovingly refer to as “Big Red.” I knew it was in storage and since I decided I better take her, I was hoping that I could find her easily. Well, she was in the back corner of the unit, but was easy enough to extract. Normally when I fly, I have a backpack with wheels that I use for my carryon. I didn’t think it was going to fulfill my needs on this trip but I wanted to take it, so I decided to take the next smaller red suitcase, which would fit in the airplane, and put the backpack inside Big Red. I am planning ahead for bringing back more than I am taking – right? I’ve been to the storage unit three times so far!

9/22/10. I discovered how many articles of clothing I have at the house that I won’t need in the tropical climate I am headed for. There were a couple items that I couldn’t decide whether to take or not so I played it safe and packed them. Only five days before I leave and so much to do!

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