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Bye, bye ya'll 12.17.2010
Exit Fees in Latin America 12.13.2010
Getting to Know You 12.11.2010
Bicycle Trip 12.07.2010
Life in Belize 12.06.2010
Terror on the High Seas 12.03.2010
San Jose, Costa Rica 12.01.2010
Excitement on the Beach 11.29.2010
Impressions of Sea Cliff, Panama 11.28.2010
Panama Birds 11.25.2010
Panama Flora 11.22.2010
Lessons I have Learned 11.17.2010
Learn Spanish the Easy Way 11.15.2010
Is it really cheaper to live in Panama? 11.12.2010
The Art of Buying Groceries 11.10.2010
The Art of Buying Groceries 11.10.2010
Mysteries of Sound and Fruit 11.08.2010
Daily chores and other tidbits 11.06.2010
I´ve found Paradise 11.01.2010
Moving Out to the Country 10.30.2010
Panama 10.29.2010
Good Bye Ecuador! 10.28.2010
Food, food and more food 10.26.2010
Quito, Ecuador 10.25.2010
Beautiful Cuenca Ecuador 10.23.2010
Off to Cuenca 10.19.2010
Sick again 10.18.2010
Day trip to San Vicente and Canoa 10.15.2010
Plans to move on 10.13.2010
Manta, Ecuador - Just like the States 10.11.2010
Third World Country 10.07.2010
Little beach town but always something to do 10.05.2010
Slow Sunday in Paradise 10.04.2010
A day of rest 10.03.2010
Expat Dinner 10.02.2010
Getting Lost in a small town and relearning Spanish 10.02.2010
Getting Lost in a small town and relearning Spanish 10.01.2010
Travel from Guayaquil to Bahia de Caraquez 09.30.2010
Off to Ecuador 09.29.2010
Sunday-Taking Pics and getting them on the blog 09.28.2010
Moving to Ecuador is a Big Step 09.26.2010
Saying Goodbye 09.24.2010
Moving Preparations 09.23.2010
Ecuador 09.22.2010